Scam or the real deal? The truth about the Source Hacker program from Peter Szabo

Scam or the real deal? The truth about the Source Hacker program from Peter Szabo

So, let me first tell you a little something about myself. I’m a journalist and am wired to question every single little thing and be critical. Also, I’m curious by nature. So I had been studying the law of attraction for a while when I came across one of Peter Szabo’s videos. I don’t know why but I was immediately drawn into it.

I remember thinking, who has the time to sit through a masterclass that’s an hour and a half? Especially with two small kids. But from the moment Peter started talking I couldn’t stop listening. I just wanted to know more. Even though Peter is very young, mentally he is way more mature than any twenty-year-old I’ve ever met.

So after his webinar, I knew that I had to enter his Source Hacker program. It was something that I would normally not do, especially for this amount of money. But I did. And trust me -spoiler alert- It’s worth it!!

So in the four-week program, you are gonna learn so much. From how and when to do your affirmations, which music is best for meditation, the best way to meditate, how to attract money and a soulmate and the best part of it all: memory flipping. In a simple yet effective way, you are going to learn how to flip the memories that have caused you trauma and to rewire your subconscious mind to let all the good stuff in! Meaning: health, wealth and happiness.

The best part about this program is that it does not just focus on the internal work (which is extremely important if you want to attract abundance) but also external. So Peter learns you the best way to start your day, to end your day and everything in between. You’ll be keeping track of your days through a life map and can even create an entirely new identity with the identity book. This all sets you up for success. And trust me, this works!

The most important thing is though, that YOU need to do the work as well. Listen to what Peter has to say and implement it into your life. At first, you won’t even notice the small changes you’re making, until one day it will hit you: this IS life-changing.

I did the work and can truly say that I’m a different person from when I started four weeks ago. I am way more positive, my relationships with my loved ones are better, I’m present, I’ve found my true passion, am going back to school and setting up my own company. Yes, all of this in four weeks. And after finishing the course I got the biggest compliment of all from a loved one: you seem to have found inner peace. And that is exactly right! So whether it’s more health, wealth or happiness that you want I would definitely recommend the Source Hacker program.